T2_ChildA native San Franciscan, I grew up in the Haight-Ashbury when music, poetry and revolution seemed the perfect answer to every question. I was twelve when Mom said, “You should be a writer, but we can’t afford that, so go become something useful.”

At University of California, Santa Cruz, I divided my time between classes, working the circulation desk of Dean McHenry Library, and singing in Promised Land, an R&B and Grateful Dead cover band. And yes, I did get a degree – in Humanistic Psychology.

Much later, in the wake of several bands and multiple jobs ranging from unusual to demanding, I met my beloved Mark. He remains my luckiest life moment.

As a producer for Broderbund Software, I managed production of software products, including Print Shop and the Amazing Writing Machine; wrote my first tech manuals and product demo scripts; I also recorded the Singing Roses in Grandma and Me, and the Doo Wop Cookies in Arthur’s Teacher Trouble, (available from Wanderful Interactive Storybooks).

Eventually, I went freelance, providing content for clients including Disney, Deloitte and Touche, and Marin County. My work as a freelance writer includes ghostwriting, speechwriting, biographies and tech manuals. I launched my own imprint, Inevitable Ink Publishing in 2015, and we’ve released three books to date: Dreamhaven, the Alphabet Dreams picture book, and The Alphabet Dreams Coloring Book. I’m currently writing Book II of the Dreamhaven series and working on a new picture book.

Seven years on, my writing group is an incomparable weekly gift, and my collaboration with artist/illustrator, Lucy Arnold, a constant pleasure. I continue to salsa dance and sing original tunes and jazz. Life and people remain endlessly surprising – and, no, my degree in Humanistic Psychology was not what my mother meant by “useful.”