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Illusions, Vanishings & Other Dangers

In the moonlit streets of Dreamhaven, eleven-year-old Mark Farrallon locks eyes with Nick, the only cat ever denied nine lives. Clearly it’s no coincidence. But are they each other’s best hope—or a guarantee that enchanted dreams will cease forever? Dreamhaven is the story of friends tested by misadventure, a plot for revenge and the vanishing line between dream and reality.

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“When I started this book, I couldn’t put it down.”
–Linnea, Age 12, CA

“We have several copies of your book in our school library, and students love it–you have a winner.”
–Marie Hinton, Librarian, Old Adobe School, CA

“I taught middle school reading for 22 years, and this book is perfect for that age. The fantasy aspect will inspire them.”
–Marie Scholtz, FL

Author Bio

Tracy Tandy is a freelance writer and the author of Dreamhaven; Alphabet Dreams with illustrator Lucy Arnold; and Druk and Mita, available 2017. Ms. Tandy is never bored, thanks to her opinionated characters. They currently include extraterrestrial detectives, a reformed drug lord and a Bhutanese dragon. She lives with her patient husband and intrepid cat in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Visit Dreamhaven Illustrator Cara Bevan @  www.carabevan.com

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