Your Questions

Do you think a writing group is helpful to authors?
Seven years ago, I joined a group of good writers. We meet once weekly to provide constructive and detailed feedback. I can’t overstate the improvement in my writing, thanks to their input and support.
Do you write every day?
Yes. Sometimes I’m only able to write my “morning pages” (ala Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way), but I show up for this daily. I’ve had many song and story ideas begin on those pages over the last sixteen years.
How do you get ideas for your fiction?
Besides my a.m. pages, I’ve been inspired by a conversation (DeadLine); dreams (Each Night My Ship); personal experience (Requiem for Michelle, Dottie’s Revenge) and a lyric that has no song, but just wouldn’t stop teasing my ear (Sleep Sweet).
Where do you get ideas for your songs?
For me, songs most often begin with a lyric. I’ll have a moment or idea I want to capture, and then I go through the process of fleshing it out – alone or with musician, Jim McManus. I’ve also had a melody and full lyrics arrive en suite, based on an emotional event. I Will Sing You Home is an example.