November Lands

I savor the last days of October amidst the ghoulish chaos of fake webs, skeleton garlands and my discarded Queen of Arachnids costume.

Last weekend we attended a stunning performance of Hula, The Voice of the People at the Palace of Fine Arts. This was a feast of evocative dance against stunning multi-media backgrounds, set to music ranging from traditional Hawaiian to jazz and pop. The dedication of these volunteer dancers, and the beauty of the Hawaiian worldview continue to inspire me.

Saturday night Mark and I had great fun decorating, cooking and coming up with a Goblin Grub menu that included such delicacies as traditional Eyes of Newt (meatballs) Red Bat Wings (quesadillas) and Dragon Drool, aka hot-spiced cider.

On November 1, the winners of a local Romance Writers of America chapter contest will be announced. One of my writing group partners, Christine, is a finalist and we’re rooting for her.

November also brings Day of the Dead and All Souls Day. I embrace both traditions as a chance to honor those who have died before us, and more… As I move toward winter and my birthday on New Year’s Eve, I want to acknowledge what has been taken away and all that has – or should be laid to rest. Time to clear my heart for new possibility: deeper connections to those I love, to Spirit, to my community and the world. Time to nurture health and joy for all.

This month I’m listening to: Lisa Lindsley at Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz on Friday, Nov 9th debuting her tribute show to Blossom Dearie.

3 comments on “November Lands
  1. Laurie says:

    Love your new website. I’m still at school, preparing for next week, but as I was sorting through an exhaustingly long list of emails, I saw yours and stopped what I was doing to check it out. Well worth the pause in my chores! I look forward to reading more about your artistic endeavors. Cheers and Congrats! XO LT

  2. A beautiful site, Tracy! Congratulations! And I love your Goblin Grub menu 🙂

  3. Lucy Arnold says:

    Love your new website!!!
    I’m going to follow you on Twitter, Blog posts, and wherever else you may roam. You (and Julie) have created a wonderful place to let others see the multidimensionality of your wonderful talents. Congratulations! Looking forward to how you move forward with your projects… with lots of love.

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