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February 2014

2014 Part 2 – “Mind the Gap”

On February 1st, two events glittered happily on my horizon. We were successfully booked to celebrate our big anniversary in Thailand, Cambodia and Bhutan. And Salsa Libre had been offered our potentially best-yet gig. Days later, the two events imploded in my calendar: The gig was scheduled for the same night as our flight for Asia.

I know it was ridiculous to feel sad. But I did. Now if this gig had been scheduled mid-trip, unfortunate, and I’d get over it. But this timing – my salsa sisters stepping on the dance floor as I stepped on the plane – this felt like a cruel joke.

Hadn’t anyone “in charge” noticed my beautiful, auspicious dream?

Happily, there was leeway with Mark and the travel company to change our tickets. If you don’t count the lack of sleep we’ll endure as a result, there are some unexpected benefits to our altered itinerary. Excellent.

Then our choreographer made an announcement: only those who passed a challenging audition would dance this performance.

I thought of my glorious dance dream. But this time a different soundtrack played in my ears. I heard the strident, mechanical voice in the London tube warning, “Mind the Gap.”

The last two weeks of heavy rehearsal, and tough critique, atop regular life and trip prep have been riddled with frustration, sleeplessness, stress and meltdowns. Oh yeah, I signed up for it. And now I’m asking for the grace to accept the best outcome for all.

Wish me luck for the audition.

2014 Part 1: The Dream

I dreamt that I was enjoying a remarkable evening with friends. The night was warm and exotic with torches and candlelight throwing shadows across the bare ground and rough table. We talked and laughed over a timeless dinner. I got up to use the women’s room. It was on my way back to the table that the miracle happened.

I walked in a wide aisle between massive crates overflowing with flawless fruit stacked higher than my head. I heard compelling Latin music. The dirt beneath my feet turned to a smooth white surface as my body began to dance. Stunned, I glanced down at my white-girl feet moving in perfection to the sultry music. Then I was dancing atop the mangoes and watermelon without missing a beat, without damage, without ever having to stop.